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Preserved for posterity (Holiday gift suggestions, part 6)

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Infmom's inkI wish I had good, professional photographs of myself, showing my tattoos to their best advantage. I don’t think I’m particularly photogenic, but I’d like to have a record of my ink, if only so my kids can show their kids (if they ever have kids, that is) what a multicolored nut their Granny was.

So, as my final holiday-gift suggestion–a session with a good photographer, and at least one good print. Our ink is art, and deserves to be treated as such. A photographer can make a record of what we are, and what our multicolored bodies say about ourselves, to preserve us, in a way, for the ages.

Non-inked people sometimes bring up the issue of “what will that look like after you’ve sagged.” This is another way of saying “Who cares, I know what it looks like now.”

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I got my first tattoo when I was 46. I hope the people who read this blog don't have to wait that long. I love talking about body art.

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