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I know, I know… I left it too long between posts.

We were out of town on a short vacation, and I guess I’ve become wayyyyy too dependent on internet access. I ran out of time to blog ahead and leave posts to appear in the future, so I counted on having internet access where we were staying so I could keep up.

Not even a phone in the place we stayed, and I’m not sure I could convert my cell phone to a modem (and even less sure I’d like to pay for the minutes to use it that way).

So, here I am back again with a couple of thoughts about the relatively new popularity of tattooing and body art.

Here ink, there ink, everywhere ink ink

It used to be that tattoo parlors were found only in the sleazier parts of town, or where bikers or sailors were likely to gather. Not any more, thank goodness. Nowadays you can find tattoo parlors almost everywhere, even in small towns where you’d think such establishments would have a hard time, well, getting established.

This was brought to my attention over the past week when we found ourselves in Tombstone, Arizona. Not wanting to pay extra for the dubious privilege of watching the grand finale to the day’s “Shootout at the OK Corral” drama, we decided to just walk around and see what there was to see. Not much was open at after-five on a Sunday afternoon, including the local tattoo parlor… but the tattoo parlor was there, only a block away from the “historical” main drag.

Obviously, there are enough people either resident in Tombstone or arriving there as tourists to support what looked like a prosperous tattoo shop. Had it been open, I would definitely have gone in and asked the artist(s) if most of their business came from locals or tourists. I wonder how many people would think it was a neat idea to get an unplanned tattoo in Tombstone.

I also, of course, wondered about what kinds of flash were on the walls. Would it be just standard cowboy-biker-sailor fare, or intricate fine-line work (portraits of Wyatt Earp?) or something in between, or none of the above?

Do you ever check out tattoo parlors where you travel, just to see if the images fit the location? Now that the Tombstone tattoo parlor has gotten me to thinking about it, I plan to do that a lot more on future trips.

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