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Tattoos in the news


One of the things that happens when we mark our bodies permanently is, you guessed it, they are permanently marked. Our tattoos thus become a form of identification.

Recently, a suspected child molester was identified through her tattoos, which were visible on the photos that were discovered by the police. Her male companion’s face had been obscured, and he is still unknown, but this woman not only had her face in view, her very distinctive tattoos were equally visible.

Ink becomes such a part of our lives that we often forget it’s there. I know I do! If someone took a photo of me in a bathing suit (ok, fat chance of that happening, but you get the idea) all three of my unique tattoos would be visible and any member of my family and quite a few of my friends would know immediately that it was a photo of me even if my face was not visible.

Would that be the case with you? Is your ink unique enough to serve as your ID?

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photo by: Chiara Marra

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