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There’s a big tattoo show going on in Pomona, California, this weekend. The Fairgrounds sponsors tattoo shows several times a year, and the large halls are packed full of artists, booths, and spectators.

Someone in the paper today speculated that it was mostly tattoo artists who went to those shows. While I must admit that my own experience at tattoo shows isn’t extensive, I don’t think that assessment is correct.

Now, if they’d said it was mostly tattooed people at the shows, that would be OK. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I show, you show…

The first tattoo show I went to was on the Queen Mary, and I ended up getting inked there even though I had not planned on it. It’s just that the lure of Egyptian style lotuses surrounding my already-extant scarab and Eye of Horus was too great. And, of course, there was the fun of lying on the table in the bowels of the ship thinking “Oh, if the Duchess of Windsor could see me now!”

For me, dressing so that all my ink shows is way out of the ordinary. Basically it means clothing that bares my shoulders and my ankle, so it’s usually a thin-strapped tank top and capri pants. One of the reasons I’m thinking of getting a more visible tattoo is so that I can show off my ink without getting undressed enough to freeze my titties off in the winter.

My multicolored daughter and I have been to one of the shows in Pomona (in warm weather) and looked at everything with great interest. The booths full of clothing, accessories and body jewelry were amazing (I bought a t-shirt that says ATM: A TODA MADRE) and of course watching the artists at work can keep you occupied for hours.

Of course, being around all that ink and art makes you want to get more and more and more yourself (as if tattoos weren’t addictive enough). And if you do decide to get inked at a show on the spur of the moment, as I did, then you don’t have time to research the artist any more thoroughly than looking through his or her portfolio, so you’re taking a chance on making a mistake. It’s kind of hard to take that into consideration when you’ve got an artist in front of you ready and willing to get to work on your skin, though.

I wonder if I would have gotten my first tattoo sooner if I’d been to a few shows first? Guess I’ll never know. I’ll probably go to more shows, but not till the weather warms up.

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