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More holiday gift ideas

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In the northern hemisphere, we’re into the colder weather already (well, here in the Los Angeles megalopolis it’s gotten chilly enough that some of the surfers are thinking about putting on some clothes, at any rate) so it’s not as easy to display our artwork.   Thus, the following suggestions for the times when one’s own art isn’t so simple to display.   Again, this is a list of suggestions where it’d be best if you found your own sources, so I’m not providing specific links.

A t-shirt with a picture of a favorite tattoo (you can make this yourself with iron-on transfers if you feel up to it).   You could also provide a disk with images and a box of iron-on transfer paper in case the recipient doesn’t like what you time is running outpicked.   And doesn’t mind being given a gift they have to put together themselves.   🙂   Since my dragon tattoo is almost never visible, I’m thinking seriously of making a shirt with an iron-on of the dragon over where it actually is on my left shoulderblade.

An item of clothing or a bumper sticker with the logo of your or the recipients’ favorite tattoo artist (if the artist sells such things, I’m sure he or she will appreciate the extra income).

Jewelry with tattoo designs.   Lots of this available all over the internet and at places like Hot Topic.

A sheet of vintage tattoo flash, framed for hanging on the wall (there are many web sites devoted to vintage flash and you can also find it on eBay).

There is an iPhone app called Tattoo Mania.   I’m sure there are others.   I don’t have an iPhone.   🙂

If the recipient’s favorite artist offers gift certificates, buy one for an hour’s work.   If the artist doesn’t do this, find out what he or she charges by the hour and get a prepaid gift card from Master Card, Amex, etc.   for that amount.   (Of course, whether the recipient spends the card on artwork is then up to him or her.)

Today’s the last day of Hanukkah, but the Solstice is coming soon, followed by Christmas and Kwanzaa, so there are plenty of opportunities left this year to spread some Multi.Colored joy around!
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  1. Now I like the idea of a t-shirt with a picture of a tattoo! This is far less painless. I wonder if I can persuade my son that this is the path to take.

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