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Inking the bird


The other day, I saw a man with a rude, crude tattoo.   Not only was the design not up to junior high art class standards, it was a drawing of a hand making an obscene gesture usually referred to as flipping someone the bird.

I had to wonder why someone would mark himself permanently that way. I’m sure he thought it was a good idea at the time, but now he’s stuck with it, and does he really want to maintain that attitude forever?   I have no idea.   I certainly didn’t put myself at risk by asking.

Of course, I have wondered many times why people marked themselves the way they did.   Blurry ink lines, wretched art work, people’s names that later had to be crossed out or

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covered up, gang symbols, you name it. There’s artwork done by people who look like they could have flunked coloring in kindergarten, designs that leave the viewer wondering what on earth the wearer was thinking, and what the artist must have ingested before picking up the needle.

Don’t these people check the artists out?   Or do they just not care?

And it’s not just bad artwork that leaves me wondering, sometimes.   Some of the calligraphy on gang tattoos is outstanding–why waste talent like that on art that only serves to make its wearer a target for trouble?   Come to think of it, why is the lower-back tattoo called a tramp stamp?

We multicolored people each have our own ideas of what’s appropriate and what’s artistic.   Have you seen anything that made you think someone’s doing his or her best to give multicolored people a bad name?

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