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Ink in high places


So, it’s not just us regular folk who get decorated. According to an article in Roll Call, there are several members of Congress who have tattoos.

Reading the article, I was actually surprised that the numbers were so small. I’m sure not every member of Congress was asked, and I’m sure that not everyone would own up to it if they were asked, but it just seemed to me that people who are as comfortable being in the public eye as most politicians are, would be more in favor of body art, even if it was only to be revealed behind closed doors.

I wonder what designs politicians would pick, if they could do it without penalty? A discreet presidential seal on Michelle Obama’s bicep? A tramp stamp on Michele Bachman? Men’s Ruin on Larry Craig?  Fuzzy dice for Harry Reid? The possibilities are endless.

I wonder if both Bush presidents had something discreet and Yale related? It’s been said that George Schultz had a Princeton tiger on his behind, and Barry Goldwater had a Native American symbol on his hand.

Have you seen, or heard of, people in public life (not entertainment) who’ve got ink? I’d be interested to hear about it.

Creative Commons License photo credit: TheeErin
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