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New year, new you?


OK, a post that’s not directly tattoo related–but it’s relevant.  🙂

People get asked if their tats are going to sag or stretch, or get told they shouldn’t get inked precisely because the skin is inevitably going to sag or stretch.  I would venture to guess that most of us don’t give a hoot about that, at least when it comes to deciding to get tattooed.  But in general…  well, we should be concerned.

Like most people my size, I’ve gained and lost weight many times over the years.  I was thinking of it as more or less inevitable.  But during the last six months I became aware of something.  Both my husband and son lost a noticeable amount of weight.  They didn’t change what they ate.  What they did change was how much they walked around.  (Or, rather, their jobs changed that for them.)

Could it really be just as simple as that?  A lot of the supermarket magazines have certainly said so for a long time.  There’s never a cover that doesn’t say “walk off the weight” on it somewhere.  I know when I was working at the big box store and on my feet all day, I lost 50 pounds without doing anything different at all.  So it wasn’t as though I didn’t know what was good for me.

This year, I have done two things.  I got a copy of The Step Diet, and I got a FitBit.  The Step Diet comes with its own basic pedometer, and I used that while I was waiting for my FitBit to arrive (more about the FitBit in a moment).  The book lays out a simple plan for getting more exercise in a day, and gives you goals to consider.  It also has a very simple plan for cutting down the amount that you eat, painlessly.  It’s not, in the usual sense of the word, a “diet” at all.  Head on over to your local public library and see if they’ve got a copy (it likely won’t have the pedometer attached) and see what you think.

The FitBit is a brand new gadget, that uses some of the same technology as a Wii controller.  It can tell you how many steps and how far you’ve gone in a day.  It can also tell you how long you’ve sat on your ass doing nothing.  I needed that.  🙂  It can tell you how long and how restfully you’ve slept, if you want.  It can tell you how active you’ve been.  It’s also noticeably pricier than a plain old pedometer.  However, for me, that’s more motivation.  I sure wouldn’t want to let $100 go to waste, and I bet that’s true for a lot of people.

So, while my tats are not on skin that’s likely to stretch or sag much before I kick off, I’m doing my best to turn the body they’re on into something smaller and fitter.  And honestly, it’s been painless so far.

Have you done anything to lose weight or get in shape that you’d like to share with the rest of us?  I for one can always use more suggestions on how to get a move on and display my ink on a better body.

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