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Wearing your pet on your sleeve


Not long ago I saw a woman who had a very colorful sleeve that featured portraits of several cats. I didn’t ask her about


Calypso, a real-life good-luck calico cat

it, but if that were my sleeve, it would be the cats I most wanted to remember forever.

There’s always a risk in putting a person’s face or name on your skin, unless it’s someone who has passed on. There’s nothing worse than immortalizing the current Significant Other and then going through a breakup or a messy divorce. Getting that ink off your skin is going to cost more than putting it on there, guaranteed.

But an image of a beloved pet is something different. I wish I’d asked if I could take a picture of that sleeve. I wouldn’t go as far as having a complete sleeve done, but I could definitely see creating a design that incorporated several beloved pets. ┬áIt would be a great way to make them even more a permanent part of me.

What do you think about pet portraits on skin? Would you do them in full color or stick with monochrome?

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