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In my last couple posts I talked about rude, crude tattoos and images of death. In the wake of the elections in the USA, I think it’s now time to focus on upbeat, positive images that reflect well on us and send a positive message to the world as well.

I wrote earlier about spiritual designs.   Putting an affirmation of your spiritual beliefs on your skin could be one way of sending a positive message, although in today’s increasingly fractured world other people might rainbow sunsetnot see the message you are trying to send.     But in thousands of years of religious art, there are plenty of examples of designs that uplift both the wearer and the observer.   It’s worth doing research to find exactly the right design.   The usual run of religious (mainly Christian) flash can be found just about anywhere.   You want something that represents you, not a bazillion others with exactly the same flash, right?

Another form of positive design is a memorial to a lost loved one.   I have mentioned before that I am not a fan of fine-line portraits.   I think there are plenty of other ways to honor those we have lost.   Think about what mattered to that person and find a design that showcases that.   I have a stylized dragon on my back to honor my grandmother.   That, to me, is more profound than just getting her name or a portrait inked on my skin.

And of course there is a wide lexicon of images that are upbeat and postitive all on their own.   “Sunshine, lollypops and rainbows” is more than just the title of a 60s bubblegum song.   🙂   Well-done Celtic designs can combine the spiritual and the decorative.   The tried-and-true images of four-leaf clovers, lucky horseshoes and the like are popular for good reason.   There are more elaborate designs representing good fortune from pagan beliefs and non-Western cultures.   Once you set your mind to it, the possibilities are limitless.

What kinds of positive images does your ink show the world?
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