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What’s in a name?


I suspect there are not too many other grey-haired ladies driving around town in geezermobile Buicks (OK, we inherited it, we didn’t buy it, honest!) and blasting the reggaeton station on the stereo.   Well, what can I say?   I like reggaeton (I’m amused that not long ago I was one of only a few Gizmodo readers who knew who Wisin & Yandel were).

Of course, that station is geared toward, shall we say, a younger audience than the classic rock station I also listen to a lot, and thus the products advertised are somewhat…   different.   The other day, in among the ads for acne products, boob jobs, trade schools and so forth I caught one for a product used to fade tattoos.   And when I heard the product name I could not believe my ears.

Wrecking Balm?   They want us to buy a product called     Wrecking Balm?   Ye gods.   No matter how much I wanted to get rid of a tattoo, I could not imagine putting anything called Wrecking Balm anywhere near my skin.

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Author: infmom

I got my first tattoo when I was 46. I hope the people who read this blog don't have to wait that long. I love talking about body art.

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