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Visible and Invisible (again)


I’ve touched on this subject before:  Getting tattoos that are usually visible versus getting tattoos that are usually ankle tattoocovered up by your clothing.  But a discussion in the tattoo and bodypiercing forums (a link to is in the sidebar on the right) got me thinking about the issue again.

All of my tattoos are in areas usually covered by my clothing.  That was a conscious choice on my part, because I knew I’d have to meet employers’ dress codes for years to come and I didn’t want to ink myself out of a job.  This is not to say I didn’t want a visible tat (or more than one) but I had to put other considerations first.

Well, now I’m retired and running my own business (OK, I have to put in a plug for that here, because I am proud of it, Logan Books) I can set my own dress code, and I’m strongly considering getting a bracelet tattoo on my left wrist.  I’m proud of being a tattooed person and I’d like to show off my ink a little more. Besides, I’m hitting my 60th birthday in November and wouldn’t getting some new ink be a grand way to celebrate?  🙂

Have you had issues with hiding your ink to please your employer?  Do you sometimes wonder what the guys and gals in the “suits” are hiding under all those conservative clothes?  I sure do.  It’s fun to think that the guy in the oh so proper suit might have a pinup girl on his leg or a koi on his back, and the lady in the go-to-meeting dress might have a dragon on her upper thigh and a Japanese half sleeve.  My Egyptian tat shows off very nicely when I’m wearing a dress, but you know what?  I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress.  Retirement means a lot less money but a lot more fun.

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  1. I like the idea of putting your tattoo in a place on your body where you can cover it up with ordinary cloths. As much as we would like others to see our tattoo, we have to think of keeping our jobs. When summer comes and its my day off, that’s when I dress light and my tattoo is exposed 🙂

  2. Yes, I’ve often been delighted by people’s reactions to seeing I have tattoos. I am after all a sixtysomething granny-looking person. And people are even more amazed when they find out how recently I got them and that my daughter and I got tattooed at the same time–twice.

    I’m all for breaking stereotypes!

  3. I work in an office where business casual is the norm; however, my cube-mate sports ink on the back of his neck, several on his forearms (not sleeves) and one on his elbow. He often wears polos so they are all fully visible. It’s funny when we’re in meetings discussing business strategies/legal issues and he’s sitting there, totally professional, sporting all of that glorious ink! Amen for open minded, non-judgmental employers! Side note: I have a full side tattoo (not visible), drive a mini-van, ultra-conservative dress and makeup, etc. I LOVE the reaction I get when I tell people about my tattoo! Break the stereotypes!

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