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One million tattoos?


I recently found a book called One Million Tattoos: Designs to Create and Color at the library.  It’s targeted at the young-adult audience, and comes with a CD containing the “one million” designs. I thought it had possibilities, so I checked it out.

The “one million” is somewhat of a stretch. It counts all the possible variations on the designs, including the different ways they can be combined and the different ways they can be colored or altered.  The designs themselves are fairly standard and include old-school-style sailor flash, fairly generic tribal designs, and Asian style fish and birds, among others.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t particularly impressed.  Of course, I am way beyond its target age range, so that probably had a lot to do with my reaction to it. There are instructions for using Photoshop and other draw/paint applications to fill in the colors and manipulate the images (which are all black and white line art) and there are some suggested combinations of the images for inspiration.

In the end, I took the book back to the library without doing much more than reading through it. I should probably have asked my teenage nieces to take a look at it, but I wouldn’t want their parents to get on my case about giving them ideas. Let’s just say I’m the only multicolored person in the family.  🙂

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