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Gone but not forgotten


Yeah… ┬áit’s been pretty darn quiet in here for a long time.

It’s not that I’ve lost interest. Far from it, I’m still serious about getting more ink. But life has tied up my writing time a lot more than it used to and I kinda let Multi.Colored lapse.


This new show “Blindspot” has irritated me enough, as a real tattooed person, that I think it’s time to start speaking up again.

What the beep-beep were they thinking? Did they consult with anyone who has actually been tattooed? Did they consult with any real tattoo artists? I’d say the answer is a resounding NO. That much fine-line ink would have taken a LONG time to apply, since the skin has to heal before the next layer is added. I’m thinking close to a year to get it all done. Any multi-tattooed people want to set me straight on this?

Oh, and when they do closeups of the “ink” it’s clear it’s been painted on. No, I don’t expect the poor actress to get real ink, but you’d think the makeup artists could figure it out.

I would love to hear your opinions, if you haven’t fallen asleep waiting for me to get moving on this blog again.:)

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