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I don’t recommend products here unless I’ve tried ’em myself, so that limits the number of endorsements considerably. 🙂

I had heard about a company called Lush from a good friend who has been ecstatically using their products for quite a while now. She has without a doubt the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen–long, thick, curly and shining. She credits Lush’s shampoo for a lot of that.

Selection of Bath TreatsWhen Ifirst heard about the company, it sounded great, but there were no stores within a convenient travel distance of where I live. The web site does a great job of describing the products, but I wanted to see them for myself before I took the plunge.

My daughter got ahead of me, though, and bought me some shampoo, soap, and hand and foot cream for Mother’s Day (and what a glorious present that was, too!) And now I can say that it’s well worth the effort to seek out a Lush store and check out what they’ve got.

I think their Helping Hands cream would do fine for tattoo aftercare. It’s not greasy, absorbs quickly and leaves a very light protective film on your skin. Lush is an international company (the link above is to the main page, where you can tell the web site where you live). It’s worth seeking out one of their stores, though, if there is one within a reasonable distance, because the staff there knows their products thoroughly and will be happy to give you a sample of anything in the store to try before you buy.

Have you tried Lush? What did you think of it?
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  1. Thanks, Kate! I never would have thought of using an egg. I’ll give that a try.

  2. I used to have really serious face skin issues two years ago, it was too dry. There was a procedure that really solved the problem. I applied an egg on my skin 2 times each day and it cured my skin. I recommend this tip. Great time for you.

  3. I can never figure out what to get when I go there. I’ve gotten their catalog a few times and it’s so overwhelming because I want everything in it! I do have to admit that I love the bath bombs though. :o)

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