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Seasons change and so should we

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Unless you live right on the Equator, your seasons are changing right now.   Well, duh, talk about stating the obvious.   🙂

I know a lot of us (myself included) don’t like to spend major amounts of time on skin care.   After I wash it clean, it’s good to go, that’s my philosophy.   Unfortunately, for a lot of us (myself included) that approach just isn’t enough.

Over the past few years I’ve become a somewhat grumpy consumer of skin lotions of various kinds.   My skin was never dry before, but boy, it sure is now.   Unfortunately, changing the habits of a lifetime and remembering to “moisturize” (as someone who was a teenager in the Sixties I hate that word about as much as I do “kicky” and “glissy” which thank goodness we don’t see kicking–or glissing–around any more) is a royal pain.   Did you know that when I was a kid, the manufacturers of Dove soap advertised it as “One quarter cleansing cream” instead of “moisturizing cream” the way they do today?   People apparently used to buy it to get clean, but now they’re older and something else is more important.

Multicolored skin doesn’t look good when it’s dry.   Your colors will be dulled by an ashy overlay.   Oily multicolored skin won’t look good either, if it’s not kept properly clean and exfoliated.   (Exfoliation’s a fancy term used to sell cosmetics.   You can rub off the dead skin cells with a washcloth in the shower.   Just so you know.)   So, whether you’re headed into winter or into summer where you live, it’s time to pay closer attention to your skin.

If you need skin lotions, browse a few big drugstores and pick up travel sizes.   Places like Whole Foods sell travel sizes, too, of the kinds of lotions not usually found in drugstores.   Once you’ve experimented with as many small inexpensive bottles as you want, you’ll have a good idea of what works for you, and what scents you can live with.   I am very happy with the lavender/citrus scent of some of the skin cleaners and lotions I use, but that’s definitely not for everyone.

If you need toners or astringents to use on oily skin, try the inexpensive ones first.   Plain witch hazel does a dandy job and costs next to nothing.   It does have a distinctive scent, but that dissipates quickly.   And, as I said, you don’t have to spend extra on “exfoliators” if you don’t want to.   After your skin has soaked a while in the shower, rub it with the rough side of a washcloth, stopping to rinse the washcloth out frequently.   Don’t scrub too hard.   It doesn’t take super powers to clean your skin.

You can find “body wash” products in almost any drugstore or supermarket.   These come in bottles like lotion and are designed to be scrubbed all over the body and then rinsed off, presumably leaving “moisturizer” behind.   I’ve tried a couple of those and they work quite well, but I’m still not used to the feeling of “moisturizer” on my skin instead of the clean feeling left behind by good old soap and water (OK, my doctor suggested I use Dove, what can I say).   There are also moisturizers that you apply in the shower and then rinse off.   I’ve tried one of those and it works as expected.   But I’m still grumpy about being this age and having this skin so I’m not consistent about it.

If you’re headed into winter, keep your skin clean and keep it from drying out.   Don’t just slap some lotion on the ink and call it good.   You may not be able to see the dryness on the rest of you, but if it’s on your ink it’s all over.   If you’re headed into summer, keep your skin clean and keep the dead skin cells from accumulating (and use sunscreen, of course).

Becoming a multicolored person means more than just going and getting inked.   It means taking care of your colors so you and the world can admire them for the rest of your life.

What are your favorite skin care products?   I’m always on the lookout for something new.

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  1. I apply only organic skincare lotions. They’re significantly less harmful for skin. For example coconut oil is an ideal skin moisturiser.

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