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here today, gone tomorrow? Tattoo removal in the real world


If I’d been able to make that green-ink flower-in-pot design on my ankle permanent back when I was sixteen, I would have done so. But would I have wanted to keep that doodle for eternity? I thought so at the time.

Nowadays, tattoo removal is big business. Way, way too many people are getting inked and regretting it, and paying “Dr. Tattoff” and his compatriots to undo the damage.

I think maybe there should be a mandatory waiting period at all tattoo parlors, although I doubt something like that would be enforceable. But if you’re required to submit your design and come back in a week, maybe you’ll decide that having Tweety Bird on your butt isn’t as appealing as you thought it was when ALL your friends were going to Joe’s Tattoo.

Of course, who am I to talk? My last tattoo was done on impulse, at a big tattoo show on the Queen Mary. It was kind of cool to lie there having work done on my ankle and think what the Duchess of Windsor, a frequent Queen Mary traveler, would have said. (I’ve read that she and the Duke were both tattooed, themselves.) If there had been a waiting period for getting a tattoo, I would have been out of luck. And the mediocre ankle tattoo that I walked in with, would never have been changed into the fantastic ankle tattoo that I walked out with.

Hmm, maybe “submit your design and wait a week, unless you’re at a tattoo show?”

ankle tattoo

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I got my first tattoo when I was 46. I hope the people who read this blog don't have to wait that long. I love talking about body art.

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