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About Multi.Colored

This is a blog for and by multicolored people, and people who are thinking about getting body art.   It’s all about the ink!

My name is Marte, and I am a latecomer to body art. Although I wanted a tattoo from the time I was 16, IInfmom, showing off her ink didn’t actually gather up courage to get one till 30 years later.

In this blog I talk about my experiences and try to share the information I wish I’d had before I took the plunge.

Why “infmom”? Well, when my daughter was in high school, she hung out with a great group of friends, and they called themselves the Infamous Three. Later, it was the Infamous Five. And thus I became the Infamous Mom. Or, infmom for short.

I hope you’ll join in the conversations here–multicolored or not!


  1. Hi Jim! I’m glad you came here to read my blog. I’ve only had tattoos a little more than ten years, so I haven’t had too many problems, but most of the colors in my first tattoo have faded. That’s the one that gets the most sun, so I’m not surprised. I do plan to go get it touched up by the original artist sometime soon.

  2. Hi Marte, I used to have multicolors but only the blue and greens show now in what used to be blue, green, red and gold (yellow). Most of these are around 50 years old (one newer and 5 or 6 older) so they look like the smidged, faded blobs that Rachael referred to. BTW, nice blog. -Jim

  3. It all goes to show you that it is never too late to be a multicolored person! I’m still thinking about getting more ink.

  4. Hey Marte,
    I find that bizzare as Im a late comer to tattoos also. I was 36 when I had my first, and now addicted. I have been very lucky with my tatts having the normal weeping and itches, no reactions as of yet.Its funny too, every time I sit for one,1 minute into the tatt ill be thinking “wtf are u doing Rachy, this fucking hurts!” and swear that its my last one, then a month later Im wanting another. My tattoo artist is very talented and Im very pleased with them all and you know its funny cause I see ppl my age that had their tatts young and they look like smudged faded blobs, and heres me 39 with mine looking bright, neat, tasteful, feminine and bloody awesome…. I love my tattoos =]

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